Summer Sun, Hot Yoga Don’t Run.

When the sun comes out in Seattle, most prefer to be outside. Keeping a regular yoga practice can be difficult. The battle in the brain, sunshine vs. hot yoga room…..always pick hot yoga room. The sun will feel that much brighter when you’re done with your yoga practice.  There will be many hours of sunlight  to enjoy throughout the spring/summer season.

If Seattle gets a super hot spell….still come in and practice. The yoga room will be the same temperature and those hot summer days might not feel so hot after you’re done with class.

Stay hydrated! Enjoy the sun. Stay hydrated have your best class!


Self Adjustment

One of my favorite things during a 30 day challenge is when my body can self adjust itself. Usually by day 20, if my body feels out of alignment,  I can self adjust by twisting or stretching in a way that puts everything back in its place. It’s a great feeling and only happens when I practice every day.

Also, what comes along with a daily practice is the ability not only to self adjust my body, but my mind as well. It seems easier to focus on what really matters and not get hung up on the crap that life can bring to us sometimes. I hope to continue on this daily practice without interruption for as long as I can.

Good luck to all of you who are continuing as well.

Gearing Up For The Thirty

Doing the 30 day challenge is one of my favorite and most dreaded things to do. I have to remind my mind and body almost daily for weeks prior to the challenge for what’s to come.

The daily ritual of going to class every day can sometimes feel like a daily grind. During those tough days, I have to use my extra strength to remind myself how wonderful I feel for most of the 30 days and definitely I remind my self how awesome I feel when I  complete the 30 day challenge. The best part of the challenge is being part of a group of folks who work hard daily sweating away layers of their old selves and watching them transform into their newer selves.

If you haven’t done a 30 Day Challenge before, consider giving it a try. I am on my way now to my mat for some more mental/physical preparation…..


Wrestling Yoga

I am starting this blog for no other reason then to face my fear of blogging. I feel now like I am falling off a cliff with no end in sight but here it goes…….

Walking into a super hot and humid room can be the scariest experience in the world or it can be the most comforting place in the world depending on where you are in your practice.

When you walk through the yoga room doors there is a definite transition. You leave your outside life and enter your yoga life. In the 90 minutes that you are in your yoga world you tend to each part of your body. The visible parts and the internal parts. The mental and the emotional parts. Everything gets love. Hard love, but love.

The decision to go to yoga class can be a definite battle sometimes. Maybe even most times. The brain can always find reasons, excuses why it doesn’t need to go to yoga. I say don’t listen to your brain….Listen to your body.  Your body needs the love.  Your brain will get over itself and soon realize how right your body was.